Country chicken farming project report, investments and profits

Country chicken farming project report, organic farming methods, country chicken farm
Country chicken farming project report

Country chicken farming project report, Ideas, investment and profits 

Country chicken farming project report, investments and profits | Organic farming methods | There are many reasons for country chickens to be more preferred than broiler chickens. People tend to prefer the country chicken in nutritious meat. At the same time, the broiler chickens are more likely to cause diseases. So, most people prefer the country hens. Due to this factor, the country hen farming has a separate place in Indian market. The number of country hen farms are growing more than broiler hen farms. Because it is easy and desirable to sell and it is of  lower maintenance costs.

Initiative of Country chicken farming project

In Indian villages, there is a common habit that they use small hen-coops for country chicken farming for domestic poultry eggs and meat. This is still happening today. But in this house hen farming method, there is not enough production to use their eggs and meats to give consumers. The reason is that only a small number of chickens have a complicated short space and poor care. In the modern world,  the country hen meat is primarily in the meat markets. For this reason, farmers are interested in country hen farming and developments. Even though many thousands of chickens are sent to hotels from many large farms every day. In upcoming days there will be changes  in new farms counts.
The country chicken farming is easier and more profitable while comparing broiler chicken farming. All we need to do is to select the correct poultry breed for farming that will make profitable farm. To make more profited hatching eggs farm we need more caring to maintain that farm. According to the margin of entrepreneurial theory, it is best to establish a country chicken farm for meat use.

Country chicken farming project report, organic farming methods, country chicken farm
Open farming method

Correct selection of country chicken breeds - Country chicken farming project

Asil breed: Andhra pradesh is Asil breeds origin. Asil species seem to have a rude look. In Indian territorial asil breed farms are used for cock-fighting. They call it a fighter cock. Asil breed roosters get weighs up to 4 kgs. Asil hens weighs up to 3 kilos.

For egg production – Siruvedaikozhi : The breed of Siruvedaikozhi is chosen only for country chicken egg productions in India. The Siruvedaikozhi’s weight is much less as compared to other breeds.It’s weight is only upto 1 kg.

Peruvedai for meat: These species are rearing separately for meat. These breeds are not for egg production because the breed of peruvedai has low egg productive strength.

Kadaknath chicken farming : This breed is found in the North. These type of breeds  have black color feather and the meat is also dark black coloured. The breed of kadaknath chickens does not receive much of the popularity like other breeds. However, nowadays the farms of Kadaknath are also spread in Indian villages.

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Country chicken farming for eggs - Country chicken farming project

On an average, well-grown hens begin to lay eggs within 25 to 30 weeks. The rooster will have red color on the
crest within 20th week of age. We can find a sign of preparations for breeding through the horns. There are possibilities for chickens to lay eggs in 20 weeks, if we give prosperous fodder. The country hen’s first laying two eggs are not worthy like others. So, we have to remove those first two eggs. After that it starts to lay big eggs. The chickens comes from the egg shells .Then we have to place them separately in a cool place. Furthermore, the eggs can be placed inside the wooden box with completely covered by the coconut fibres or sawdust. On an average, a hen will lay eggs in ten to twenty days. One country hen will produce 60 to 120 eggs in a year.

Country chicken farming project report, organic farming methods, country chicken farm
House Farming method

Organic Incubation of country chicken farming project

To incubate the eggs, hens should be placed on the eggs. First we need to ready the b
asket or plastic container and should fill it with a piece of sawdust or husk. After That we have to put eggs on the basket or on that container. Upto 15 eggs can be kept in a basket. If we approach the brooding hens that are sitting on top of the eggs, they will make some noise. Then we have to understand and need to move away from that place.After the 21 days of incubation,the egg will be converted into chicken in a basket. The country hen will be sitting on the bush for 2 to 3 days. After that, it feeds, drinks water, wake up and sit back again.

Water and fodder should be set up close to the hens which are incubated. Country hen and eggs that are incubated should be properly maintained. The person who is familiar with the care of the country hen can remove the egg and can check the status of the egg. Country hens  have necessary heat in their feathers. Hens should be kept in the night for incubation. The hens should not be seen in the eyes of crow, hawk, eagle, etc.,

Incubator and Hatcher - Country chicken farming project

The first two eggs that are laid by
country hens are ineligible to hatch chicken. Eggs that are less weight should be removed from incubator room. The remaining eggs  that are collected in the incubator room should be kept in the incubator machine with 99.6 degrees centigrade heat and 70 degrees centigrade moisture. Up to ten thousand eggs can be put in the incubator machine at the same time. After three days, the chicks will come out from the eggs from the hatching machine.

Methods of rearing – For country chickens

We need to set up a separate small shed for chicks. It must be based on the method of brooder. The shed system should be made up of 10 feet long and 2 feet high for 100 chicks. The wall should have a good thickness strength to keep the air normal. In summer, single 100 watts bulb should be placed for 100 chicks. For winter season three 100 watts bulbs for 200 chicks should be used. If it is kept, the chicks can get enough warm. Also, using  sawdust or husk on floor will make the chicks a little warm. You can use a paper to remove the daily waste. It should be properly maintained. This is the set up only for 20 days for chicks.

Rearing methods of Young country chickens

Growing up in uncontrolled homes method is one. The other is the farm system. In the country chicken farming project, a  shed can be made  to provide food and water to chickens. This farming method requires extra caring for much profits. In many parts of India, farming practices like open country hen farming are also followed. Although this method doesn’t require high investment, it requires more space than other farming method. This is a good way for land holders who has a large number of acres.In this method,the chickens are feeded in a natural manner.It  also helps chickens to grow in a healthy way and it increases a lot of weight. However, the best way to commercial development is the farming pattern.

After 20 days, the chickens have to move to other shed, and that shed should be filled with sawdust or husk to grow on a large farm for the rest of the day. Its size should be between 2 to 4 inches. Additionally, it should not be dirty and stirring. The nose of the chickens should be cut in 30 days. That's why the fights among the chickens can be prevented from injuries. Cocks should be grown and shipped to markets within 80 days and the hens should be shifted within 100 days. If it is not shifted within this stipulated period the cost of feeding and caring will be higher and it may affect our profit to a great extent.

Caring of chickens from one week to seven weeks old: This period is the growing period for country chickens. The size of the hens shed should hold upto  300 chicks with 95 Fahrenheit heat. In this condition, the broken rye, rice, sorghum and maize can be given as feed of chicks. For the growing chickens we should inject neo-michin and cephalexin to prevent from diseases. Moreover, the drinking water should be warm and clean.

Maintenance of chickens from eight to eighteen weeks: The weight of the chicken will be based on the feed given to the chickens in this period. It is important to find that the right amount of protein is obtained through a balanced feed. Fibre nutrition should be 8% and energy available to chicks must be upto 2700 g / calories. Methrin should be provided in the seventeenth week of the chickens and the chicks head should be dumped into the water with methrin.Only then the cells and other parasites in the chickens head will vanish. Also, the solution should be sprinkled on the floor of the farm. If chickens have a respiratory problem, we should give the methrin with water.

country chicken farming, country chicken farming methods
Country hen in ten weeks old

Temperatures changes and Country chicken farming project maintenance

In hot summer seasons: Water is the famine in summer. However, as far as the country hen farming is concerned, there should be no shortage of water. Because the country hens will live without food. But they can not live without water. The hens that are grown for good weight drinks water twice as a feeder. There are no natural gland for hens to get rid of sweat in the body. Therefore, the hens will absorb their heat through their breathing. For this reason,the hens drink much water in the summer. We can give  glucose or sugar solution to hens to prevent them from the heat stroke and their habit of drinking water may increase.

During the winter months: During winter the floor of the sheds will be cooler. To avoid this, you need to control the cooling of the ground by using  the sawdust or groundnut skin on the floor. If the floor is overly compact, the ammonia gas is formed ,as it cause eye irritations for the chickens and disease may occur to the chickens.Therefore, the floor must be maintained at 25 degrees of moisture.

Early investment and final profits of Country chicken farming project

Many have started small farms with 10 chickens and large scale farms with 10,000 chickens. In Namakkal and Erode districts large scale broiler and country poultry farms are found. The people who starts farming  in South Tamil Nadu will buy hens, eggs and chicks from Erode and Namakkal. Most farmers are aggressive in country chicken farming while jumping in the farming field. When it comes to farming, they set up their own lands. The country hen farming requires a little more investment than home farming. If the decision is to build a farm and make a huge profit, investment will require more. In order to build a farm,investments need to be on the basis of number of hens we are going to grow. If 1 sq.m is  for a country chicken then for 5000 chickens  5,000 sq.m. are needed and also it requires up to 6,00,000 rupees for the development of 5,000 country chickens. Investment in country hen farming is essential.

Country chicken market and sales price

The country chicken is worth two or three times more than the price of broiler chicken. Broiler chicken is sold at 140 rupees. But the country chicken is sold from 300 to 400 rupees. Now the broiler egg is 5 rupees and the country chicken’s egg is 15 rupees. Changes in this condition may come. As for the broiler chickens, there are no exclusive shops for country chickens. Therefore,notwithstanding only with the farms, we can also make a country hen shop and yield profit. There are also some big shops that buy directly from country chicken farms that lead to developmental-pathways.

In nowadays, business and selling of products then makes huge profits  for the middlemen. It is the mistake of producers that they do not make direct contact with the consumers and paves for the way for middleman to earn a high amount of profit. Hence, the hen farming can be developed through the production of separate meat shops and night-time country chicken stores for  more and more profits.

Uses of country chicken farming project

The small and large scale occupations of India are the villages. Like the rapidly growing cities, the villages have now started to change. The rural population has the idea that agriculture, farming and employment are not enough for their villages. But that is not true. Today, the production and exports of poultry meat, milk production and production of eggs in Indian production are increasing. The overall development of India's software development is the same as cottage, agriculture and farms. India's exports are not limited to urban factories, but also include village products. Although the city's population has been diverted to Fast Food and Western Cultural Paths, the cultural changes in the modern world are re-staged. That is why people started searching for organic food. People can see the crowds waking up after seeing the organic farming methods today. People love to buy organic products even though their prices are too much. This will lead to a major change in the upcoming periods.

Why should we select the country chicken farming?

Why do not select broilers or other types of poultry species or animals grow? Why we need to select the country hen?

  • There is no need for a big investment in country chicken farming. It can be started with lower investment and can get good profit.
  • The country hens are not affected by the monsoon changes in our country.
  • There is no need to spend a lot of money on fodder.
  • Chicks that grow in open field grow well, even with small grains available in grasses, termites and soil.
  • Within 80 days for cocks, 90 or 100 days for hens can be sent to the market for sale. Getting profits can be dropped into the next division farm.
  • Meat and eggs of the country chicken contains good proteins.
  • Country hen meat is a foodstuff for people with protein flaws.
  • The fats in the eggs are used for physical feeding.
  • People with disabilities can see good changes by eating chicken daily.
  • In the hotels, the country hen has a unique place.

Coloured chickens or Hybrid chickens

The Indian and Veterinary Research Center and the Indian Animal Husbandry co-operates with the farmers to produce some hybrid chickens and that they are suitable for our country’s economic development.As the country chicken farming are growing nowadays, but the hybrid chickens are also grown by the aid of the Veterinary Research Center. It is also called high breed chickens.

  • High quality chickens are found in many colors.
  • Country hen farming can be achieved and grown easily even if we don’t have much knowledge in it.
  • Although the brooding capacity is poor in country hens but they can lay more eggs.
  • Because of the low cholesterol in the country chickens, everybody can eat it.
  • The taste of hybrid chickens will be similar to the flavor of the meat and eggs of country chickens.
  • It is advisable to provide unnecessary protein and cereals as fodder.

Conclusion | Country chicken farming project report, investments and profits

Final word - We hope this article helped you know about Country chicken farming project report, investments and profits. In upcoming posts we will see about breeds of country hens and fodder and complete guide of country chicken farming. If you want to learn about Organic farming methods follow my website updates. Please share your experience with me via comments. Your comment can help me to improve my website updates. If this post helped you, please share this post. You may also read Fish farming methods and profits.

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