How to make Vermicompost using Silpaulin Vermi bed?

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Vermicomposting using Silpaulin Vermi bed

The practice of making compost with earthworms, also known as farmer's friend, is becoming widespread. It is a good business and has been started by some farmers and has become a profitable vermicompost business.

What are the methods to make Vermicompost?

Earthworm manure can be prepared using pit method, pile method, tank method and silpaulin method. But Silpaulin Vermi bed can be used to make vermicompost at very low cost. This method is suitable for small-scale farmers to make their own vermicompost.

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Earthworms composting

Circumstances in which Earthworms can Survive

Higher quality earthworm manure is available only if the earthworms multiply in large quantities. To get this, it is important that the earthworms left in the pile grow and reproduce in good condition. The healthy growth of earthworms requires good ventilation, humidity, food and the right temperature. It is essential that the prevailing humidity in the place where the earthworms live is always at the right level. If the humidity is low the worms will be affected. Similarly, if the humidity is high, the worms will suffocate and die. This is because earthworms only breathe through their skin. When the moisture is high they fold up making it impossible to breathe through this skin.

Similarly, vegetable and natural wastes should be mixed with cow dung to feed on earthworms. Earthworms eat this and expel waste. This waste is packed with all the nutrients that crops need. The temperature for earthworm survival is 16 to 28 degrees centigrade. In places where the temperature is high, worms should be grown in the shade, sprayed with water and cooled.

Silpaulin's method Vermicomposting

Silpaulin method is the best method for small-scale farmers to prepare vermicompost. Silpaulin vermi bed is a type of synthetic bag available in the market. Farmers who want to get down to small-scale earthworm manure production should purchase a silpaulin bag that is 12 feet long, 4 feet wide and two and a half feet high. You will need to purchase four whip trees that are 13 feet long to fit this bag. Similarly 14 whip trees 4 feet high should be purchased.

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Silpaulin Vermi Bed

The bag should be slightly lowered to allow the water to drain out of the bag. You can use barbed wire or plastic rope to tie the whip to the tree with a bag of chip. Earthworm drainage can be obtained by making a 2 to 2 by 2 pit outside the drainage area set up for excess drainage. Make a form-like area by placing pebbles or coconut fiber or young water droplets on the bottom of the bag.

Depth of soil to a pan, which impedes rooting, is 10 to 15 cm. Mix cow dung and other wastes and place the half mixture on this form. Half the decomposed waste can be obtained by cutting the agricultural waste well and mixing it with cow dung and spraying water for 20 to 25 days. Then spray water on it and place earthworms on it. One and a half tons of waste can be dumped in the silicon mat system set up at the above level. To convert this amount of waste into vermicompost, about 3 kg of earthworms should be placed.

Digestive wastes for Earthworms

The earthworms thus left in the waste will digest the natural waste and expel the residue. In this case care must be taken to ensure that the moisture of the waste is suitable for earthworms to live. Cover with straw or hemp sacks on top of the waste, i.e. on the top of the silt ball, to retain moisture. 

Earthworm compost is ready in 50 to 60 days when maintained in this way. It is possible to know that the earthworm compost has been prepared with the residue released by the earthworm. When the vermicompost is ready, roll the green manure into a ball-shaped ball and place it lightly in six places on the mat at a depth of two to three centimeters. A day later, you can take that cow dung ball and separate the earthworms. I.e. The earthworms that have already digested all the waste put in the bag of silage will come and stick in it to digest the dung ball. Then the earthworms can be collected.

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Organic Earthworm Compost

Worm care Thus the earthworms should be collected from the silpaulin mat waste after collecting the earthworm manure accumulated in the silpaulin mat. This fertilizer should be dried in the shade for 24 to 36 hours. After it dries, it is sifted through a sieve to get high quality earthworm compost. 

Earthworm manure should be in the form of dense diet powder. No bad odor should come from this fertilizer. The earthworm manure thus obtained is better stored in open shade than in sacks. When storing in the open, lightly spray water on it to retain moisture. Thus earthworm eggs and beneficial microorganisms will benefit the crops from this fertilizer intact.


In this way small-scale vermicomposting farmers can prepare the earthworm manure required for their land.

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