Vermicompost: Organic Fertilizer Production Business

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Vermicompost: Organic Fertilizer Production Business

Vermicompost: Organic Fertilizer Production Business | Do you know what the world's garbage dump is? India can be said to be generous. The reason is that the needles and medicines used by the hospitals in the UK are thrown away and it is not heard even if it arrives at the Indian port on ships. All we have to do is throw everything away from our house on the road and count our people who only clean the house.

Organic Fertilizer Production Business

Seeing Indian cities often overflowing with dirt and rubbish is like Western countries sending all their country rubbish to India thinking ‘these people can afford anything’!

earthworm compost, earthworm composting business
Earthworm Compost

No longer will we try to turn the compostable garbage we throw away in the house into compost at home. You can put home garden with this fertilizer. Or give it to someone for free to a farmer. Villages, like cities, do not seem to be littering at the moment. If the village youth come together, they can turn all the biodegradable waste available in the village into vermicompost and make it a big business.

Organic fertilizer is like a Breastfeeding to the Soil

The only organic fertilizer that looks like breast milk to the soil. Therefore, the use of naturally available manure and foliar fertilizers is more suitable for the land and crops than the use of chemical fertilizers in large quantities. We can make our own earthworm manure which is considered to be equivalent to this manure and foliar fertilizer and apply it to the crop.

It is said that earthworms have been a friend of farmers since the beginning of agriculture and have the ability to restore soil fertility. 

All environmentally harmful garbage can be converted into compost using earthworms. In this way, all biodegradable natural wastes including leaves and paper available in the garden can be composted with earthworms. Some types of earthworms are effective in making earthworm compost.

Earthworm Selection

The earthworm selected for making earthworm compost in this category should have the properties of eating natural wastes such as organic matter, rapid growth and ability to reproduce in a short period of time. These traits are possessed by earthworms belonging to two species, Eisenia fetida and Eisenia andrei. These can be used to make vermicompost in pits.

To prepare the earthworm manure in the pit pit you need to choose leveled land for home backyard or garden. This place should be a rain-free, sun-drenched shade area. At this point, prepare a pit 180 cm long, 90 cm wide and 30 cm deep. To avoid ants and termites in pits, mix 2 ml of Chlorpyrifos per liter of water and spray. 

Fifteen days after spraying the manure beds should be set up. The manure for the manure beds should be dried in the shade for 15 days and powdered. Collected natural products such as leaves and foliage should be stirred daily and kept in a dry place for 15 days. By doing so, the heat generated during the decomposition of the waste will be reduced and the garbage will be processed.

earthworm organic fertilizer composting

Spread the sand evenly on the bottom of the prepared manure pit to prevent ants and spread the processed litter on it to a height of 10 cm and spread sandpaper on top of it to a height of 3 cm. Stir in the fermented curd and sprinkle on top. Thus the litter bed should be prepared to the extent that the pit is filled with garbage dung and silt. 

Then cover with a sack and spray daily for 15 days. Mix about a quart of jaggery in a liter of water and spray on the bed. Then spread about a thousand earthworms on the bed and cover the pit with damp cloth or straw. Sprinkle linden spray around the pit to keep ants out.

vermicomposting bin method, organic fertilizer production
Vermicomposting bin method


should be done by spraying water from time to time to ensure that the moisture content is 40 to 50 percent. In this way, the earthworm manure will look like granules in about 35 to 45 days. Water spraying should be stopped for three days after the manure is completely drained. 

Doing so will cause the earthworms in the upper layers to go down. Then, collect the manure on the top of the bed. The collected manure can be sieved through a 3 mm sieve and wrapped in a lid. The earthworms that stay under the manure can be left intact and then used for the new manure.


Earthworm manure averages 2.14 per cent nitrogen, 3.44 per cent humus and 1.01 per cent ash. It is also rich in micronutrients such as sodium, copper, iron, zinc, sulfur, calcium and magnesium. Applying this natural fertilizer to the crop increases the yield of the crop. Quality product produced from natural fertilizer is available.

vermicompost organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer, organic compost
Organic Compost


Buy 15 soil pots for your home, plant seeds, plant tomatoes, auberges, and betel nuts and apply this earthworm fertilizer to them. Then pour millions of rupees in the name of organic vegetables sold in grocery stores are ready in your home. Fragrant broth, earthworms guarantee for joints.

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