About Us

ORGANIC FARMING METHODS - TAMILFARMING is all about how to do farm with organic method for farmers. We started this website for organic farmers. But we now target the unemployed-graduates. If you are think you have to do something in this world with your own hand you do one thing that is farming. Farming is a great opportunity for the young people. All we need to do one thing that is analyzing and executing. Learn from this site and ground. Start your business today and grow up. Also we accept volunteers throughout the world who want to contribute and share their farming experience. We started this website by keeping in mind one thing. And that is proper “Organic Farming” is must for farmers. Because, organic farming method is fundamental of 19’s century farming culture.

Organic Farm is gives a great and good product to customers. They will buy from you and they never die for that. Consumers will live long with organic products. The unemployed people can start self business of organic farm stores in their areas. Thus we can make a strong health and hunger free world. If you have any question, suggestion or want to share your farming experiences then feel free to contact with us.